Thursday, July 17, 2014

Speed Key

Speed Key an illegal Game where Racers Try to kill all of the other racers or capture the speed key. This Game is hosted In Worlds which have little or no law (besides) gangs and crime lords. Which isn't law. The Games are usually hosted in a large artificial course in a crime lord space station. The Spectators can place bets on the racers and then Proceed to the Stadium where they may watch the start of the Race, They may continue to watch the races via private holographic screens Only in the VIP sections, or the giant holographic screen available for all fans. Sponsors also play a large part in the games. They sponsor a certain player and receive a part of the winnings if the player wins the Race. 


Racers use Battle pods that are able to be customised, the pods consist of an open cockpit, and engine located in the back. The pods are divided into different classes depending on their size. The pods are all equipped with weapons that are everything from guns to flame throwers to saws that are on the pods. 


The Speed Key Tournaments have been around for a long time, and have grown to be huge during the War. Because of the War the Speed Key has grown to be huge in Crime lord worlds. The TAC senate has banned Speed Key and tried to enforce the ban but haven't been able to because of a shortage of ships and troops.


The Most notorious crime lords known to Host this are:

Veelaken Komon

Dilipple Gomork 

Moolon Ko

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