Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our founder

Our founder , Streak Tidewatch was born in the time of the Rowlistic empire to a loving family. He and his brother were best friends and when they grew up they had many adventures. Throughout their careers and adventures Tidewatch and his brother ammased piles of riches including a diamastic crystal, a interuniversal rift puller and other junk. But one day all went wrong as a gang  named  the zorites broke into their stash , took Streaks bro and the interuniversal rift puller. The next day our founder was notified that his brother was found. It turned out it was a TRAP. But they didnt bind him they just threatened him to pay or they would harness the power of the rift and make a new race using the dna of his brother. He payed,but they made a race anyway. Instantly a flash pop out of the rift VERY CHEASILY. It sucked the hole Zorites and his brother in. After that day Streak was never the same. After that he used his riches to found a military organization called Tac to protect innoccent people, and to hold onto justice and security in the Galaxy.

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