Wednesday, June 11, 2014

General Streamer

eneral Streamer is part of the highest military ranking leaders of T.A.C. The only other people who outrank him are the Senate, The prime magistrate, the council and the M.B.D. Military board of directors which he is on.


General Streamer joined the T.A.C. Apollo training program for officers when he was 20, he had already passed the Mirus training program. He passed Apollo with flying colors and was seen by his instructors to have a Superior knack for battle strategy and planing. He was then eligible for rank. He was promoted to Field Captain lvl 3 right away! He served in some early skirmishes and in the Horillian war. Throughout he was promoted constantly until he was promoted to Vice General by General Vargas the leading General at that time. When General Vargas was killed in an explosion that triggered the Zorrian War he was promoted to General. General Streamer now was a full time ''Deskie"  which is now not true as he was in two campaigns which was the Milsis campaign and the battle for Gavia. General Streamer is a much loved ''idol'' among the troops of T.A.C. as he has made countless orders to improve the soldiers gear and living quarters. 

"Our first mission will be to live" ~General Streamer
after the declaration of war was made against Zorria.


General Streamer was born in a well off family on Skyliner. His father was a senator for the planet of Almiron. His mother was an inventor! He was  well educated by a teacher that was privately hired. The young Streamer enjoyed school but what he even more enjoyed was the studying of star ships, fighters, and battles! Streamer also enjoyed to invent and discover new things. (his mother is mostly to thank for this) Once he had finished school he had made up his mind instantly on what he wanted to be. He applied for T.A.C. at the age of 17 but wasn't allowed in until the age of 18 due to that he was taking an officers course. His father was distressed at his sons decision but then was appalled when he saw sons first report. His father is also partly to thank for his quick rank but mostly its Streamer who deserves the credit. Streamers father was killed in the same explosion that killed General Vargas. Streamers mother continued to invent and invented the magnetic shield infusion. She also helped to invent the cure for the Helix virus after having a captured one named FireFly brought to a Top secret Tac lab.

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