Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zorrian Hunter

   One of the many types of Zorrians, The hunter specializes in exactly what his name suggests, Hunting. No, the Zorrian Hunter doesn't hunt animals, It hunts anything its told to.

History and Origin:

The Zorrian Hunter is a recently new type of soldier. As stated in the description the Hunter hunts things, whether these things are drones, scouts, troops, etc... It doesn't matter to the hunter. Hunters have been mostly used for ambushes, and hunting missions against infantry soldiers. Hunters are usually equipped with light equipment, and low tech weapons (because they are expected not to come back) Hunters haven't been used much but there have been reports of hunters in heavy battles and the reports are starting to increase. Hunters are clones, so they can be readily made and sent to training camps.

"Leave the hunters, they know their job!" ~ Admiral Nopthchi, during a battle on Yakka.  

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