Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zorrian clone

The Zorrian clone:


The Zorrian clone was a recently new development by the Zorrians. Because of the Zorrians need for massive amounts of troops and manpower the Zorrians set about developing a cloning machine made specifically for Zorrians. The cloning testing and development took place on a planet called Stratos 4. Tac had monitoring Stratos 4 for some time now to see if it had ant valuable minerals on it. The tests were unproductive so they were shut down. Right as TAC abandoned Stratos 4 the Zorrians moved in. The Zorrians went to work right away. They built a secret lab and testing facility underground. The Zorrians stationed only Scientists an Top generals on this base along with a few soldiers. The cloning development was a tough process, and moved very slowly at first. But then results finally came. The Lead Scientist called Drto had finally figured it out. And just in time too! for TAC had reconsidered their decision after a man called Jimu Moty had found that Stratos 4 had high levels of harmless Yonuxoid a type of radiation that is Top Secret. Tac moved in quickly to contain the Yonuxoid an stumbled upon the Zorrian base a full out battle took place and Tac destroyed the cloning base and found out about the cloning plans in time to warn the Leaders of TAC. 


The Zorrian clone has been used HEAVILY on all battlefronts. The Zorrians now produce clones on Zorria. Where they are churned out by the thousands. The Zorrian clone is cloned after ''warrior'' DNA which makes them warriors. after the cloning process is complete the clone undergoes training sessions to outfit him for combat. The process as a whole takes about four months. It takes such a short period of time thanks to extremely low education time and extremely fast growth accelerators. But speed has a few drawbacks 1. they die of natural causes in 5 months 2. they are sometimes stupid. Over all though speed works well for the Zorrians, for 99 out of 100 die in an average battle and there have been only 7 cases of natural death. the Zorrians also clone workers, and scientists but it take much longer,  8 years for the worker and 10 years for the scientist.

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