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The Zorrians are the primary threat to the Galaxy the Zorrian leaders envision a new galaxy run by them. they envision a galaxy filled with factories. operated by slaves, laboratories constantly experimenting to find new ways of building ''species'' and constantly experimenting on all species. They envision huge mine worlds where species are  worked to death, they see Zorrian Warlords destroying planets, oppressing people, committing genocide wherever they please. They envision whole planets of factories producing super weapons, and soldiers. They envision a galaxy run by lawlessness and their evil desires.

             ''Take no Prisoners!'' ~ Zorrian Commander Fleisch during the attack of Iloxium.

   The Zorrian home world of Zorria is a Whole planet that is a factory.It churns out thousands of soldiers and weapons a day. (thanks to the cloning process) The Zorrian leaders are yet unknown they have yet to be identified as intelligence of Zorria is extremely hard to gain. Zorria is extremely well defended and most efforts of attack and sabotage have been discovered. The only possible way of crippling the Zorrinans is to destroy the Perimeter Cone which is the heart of the factory planet it houses secret labs, weapons, and the primary power generator. The Zorrians also house their cloning factories near the Perimeter Cone. It is unknown how the Zorrians reproduce, because there is no such thing as a female Zorrian.... In fact Zorrians are heavily racist to other species (especially humans). So basically when you look at it the Zorrians do nothing but fight, kill and hate.

"Sir!" " That flak is way too heavy for Gunships!"~Lieutenant Temor
During the Failed attempt of the second attack on Zorria

There are many types of Zorrian soldiers:













Fire Team

Explosives expert

 These are all of the types of Zorrians Developed now.  Any new Soldiers will be Cataloged.

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